This is Sawyer Fredericks, just won the Voice May 2015. He has just turned 18 March 31st. It might seam weird I would put him on my website, but if you look him up on youtube you can watch him at age 11 on up to 19 singing in front of people on stage, you can not help but smile back while watching him sing. if you read comments from all over the globe on his website, facbook and twitter, you will understand a little bit of how this 19 yr old has opened more hearts and made people smile back at him, Please check him out.

The Tool Box 



"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones,

            you'll start having positive results."

                                                 - Willie Nelson


My favorite books and people that I highly recommend:


The Power of the Subconscious mind

                By Joseph Murphy

The Violet Flame God’s gift to Humanity

             By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Heal your Body

             By Louise Hay

Healing with the Angels

             By Doreen Virtue

Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing

             By Sara Wiseman






Breath: throughout my day I take a moment, shut my eyes, take a deep breath & say thank you for your Presence and your Peace, as I exhale I visualize or feel Peace or Light coming into the top of my head and moving down slowly to anchor into my heart.




When things get a little stressed in the day I say….

I can see Peace instead of this.  Let me see this in a new Light.





If there is a co-worker or a relative, an ex whatever...just start blessing them to yourself...God Bless you... insert name here...

do if often...the more you Bless them the quicker things will shift...what you focus on you create.





I ask for the Violet Flame to anchor in my heart and expand out through my four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to transmute, forgive and purify all miss created thoughts, words and feelings from any past present and future lifetime. To burn through every cell and to purify and fill with liquid light.





Every night before I sleep, I ask the Holy Spirit to take my words, thoughts and feelings from this day and  forgive them… transmute them…. Purify them and return them fully healed in the morning.





70 X 7 Times

I made a set of 70 beads with a charm and I would pick an affirmation for instance...I am surrounded by supportive people say 70 times right before I sleep, you will be amazed how quickly people want to help you.


The Hawaiian prayer

This prayer is usually used for relationships, I started using it on my body....amazing results! I said it over and over again for two days straight on a physical issue, all better. For example: To my knees I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you.


I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you




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