Shaunasea's Focus Today

 I AM creating in my world today,  a world full of happy people that are expressing unconditional Love to everyone all day long. I am surrounded by Happy, Happy People!  


For the week of May 17


I AM only Love...

                  Love is all there is
       I AM Surrounded by

             Loving People
           Loving Thoughts

           & Loving Actions

              I AM LOVE



      For the Week of May 29


          I join with Micah

the Angel of Unity

to Amplify the Peace, Joy & Harmony

of Oneness into every heart across this planet. I invoke the Violet Flame

to transmute all thoughts and feelings

of separation from the

collective consciousness and

pour in Divine Liquid Light of Unity

in its place until every man, woman & child aspires to rise to the


failing Light.



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